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Regulations for photographic and services

The following regulations were created in order to facilitate contact and nice cooperation between photographer and customer. Booking the service is adequate to accepting the regulations.

  1. Booking 


1. Before the session, every customer should read and understand the regulations. The link for it is included on every page. Booking a session is tantamount to accepting the rules contained in the following regulations.


2. To book session you need to call photographer’s number 0762501776, write en email: or book through social media platforms. Customer  must wait for the final confirmation of his booking.


2. Before making an appointment, ask about the availability of the date. It's best to arrange a session one month in advance.


3. Photo sessions are carried out from Monday to Friday. We meet in the studio from 09:00 to 18:00, while hours of sessions in the open air are arranged individually, also in the evening.


4. Photographer does not work regularly on Saturday and Sunday. However, it is possible to make sessions on these days for an additional 30chf to the amount of the selected package.


5. Home and outdoor sessions  are associated with an additional cost. The cost of travel varies depending on the distance and time of the session. Please ask for details when booking. The price will be set before the arrival of the photographer.


6. The Customer has the right to postpone the date of the session 24h before the planned date. Photographer decides about availability of dates.


7. The photographer has the right to postpone the session three times without any consequences.


  1. Place of the photo session


8. Newborn photo sessions take place in a home studio in Onex. It is possible to make a lifestyle session at the client's home after prior arrangement with the photographer.


9. Children's, pregnancy and family sessions may take place in the studio or in the open air. In the absence of weather on the day on which the date of the outdoor session was set, the photographer, in consultation with the client, sets a new date for the session or performs it in the studio.


  1. Payment


10. Payment for the selected photo package is made in cash or Twint on the day of the session or in the form of a transfer before the session. Transfer details can be found in the Contact tab or delivered by photographer.


11. Before the session, the customer declares the selected photo package. The package cannot be reduced after the session. Additional, processed photos can be purchased for each package at a set price. 


12. The customer is obliged to cover the full cost of photo session and all ordered photo materials.


13. In the absence of payment for a photo service up to 10 working days, the photographer can add additional costs 20% of the total amount and send a letter / email reminder.

14. Photographer will provide a copy of the invoice after a request received from the client. 


  1. Pictures processing

14. The customer receives exactly the number of photos that he / she finally declared / bought. It is not possible to receive the remaining unselected photos with additional cost.. This is also the photographer's job.


15. The photographer keeps the unselected photos on the disk until the finished pictures are delivered, but no longer then 6 months. During this time the customer can buy additional photos. After processing, or after 6 moths the raw photos are removed from the disk. After 6 moths photographer doesn't take the responsibility for delating pictures. 


16. After the order has been processed, the processed photos are stored with the photographer for a period of 2 months, after which they are irreversibly removed from the disk.


17.. Photographer is selecting the best pictures for editing and delivers them to the customer in maximum of 6 weeks. If customers purchases all not edited pictures, they will be delivered a few days after session.  In that case the customer is allowed to choose pictures for editing after agreeing with photographer.  The photographer has the right to decide whether to send raw photos from the session or processed to choose.


18. Within about 31 days of the customer's selection of photos, the photographer will send ready-made photos to the e-mail, and then notify about the receipt of the finished product and the ordered photoproducts. The photographer reserves the right to extend this deadline in the event of vacation, illness, intense shooting season, etc. Accelerating the photographer's work is not advisable, does not serve him or stress. The time he has to spend on queries "when will be photos" only extends the work on processing. The waiting period is the result of how much 


photographer has work and he also cares to give his work in the best quality to the customer as soon as possible.


19. It is possible to pick up a ready session within 3-7 days of its execution for an additional fee of 50chf, this is the so-called EXPRESS service.


20. If the customer chooses the photo himself, he has a maximum of 21 days. After this time, the Photographer does not guarantee that he will return the finished product within about 31 business days from the date of selection and does not guarantee that the session will be kept after the set date. If the customer ultimately fails to make a selection up to 60 days from the moment the gallery is received, the session is removed from the disks without any refunds to the customer. Deleting a session is irreversible.


21. The finished product should be picked up to 31 days from the notification received, after prior contact with the Photographer who will indicate the place of receipt. After this date, the final product is destroyed. The total cost of product re-implementation is borne by the customer.


22. The finished product can be sent to the customer by post in Switzerland for an additional fee of 15chf or abroad after checking the cost of international delivery.


  1. Gift Cards


23. It is possible to buy a session in the form of a gift voucher. The voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and during this time you must complete the session. The fee for the selected gift package and paper voucher in the form of an invitation to the session should be paid on the day of purchase. Photographer can also prepare such a gift voucher in the form of e voucher set by email.


24. The voucher cannot be exchanged for cash, nor can it be returned. After 6 months without any contact from the customer, the voucher will be forfeited. It is therefore advisable for the recipient to report to the Photographer as soon as possible to set the date and details of the session. Reporting to the Photographer a few days before the expiry of the voucher does not guarantee the performance of the session due to the lack of free dates for sessions (14 days booking notice required before the expiring date).


  1. During the session


25. At the session there is an absolute ban on camera.


26. Prepare for sessions according to the Photographer's recommendations. The photographer reserves that the final effect of the photos is also influenced by the client's preparation for the session.


27. The client tries to appear punctually. It does not appear before time - the photographer then prepares the stylizations and the entire studio. If the customer knows that he will be late, the photographer asks for prior notification by phone or text 1h before the session.


28. A parent is responsible for damage caused by a child in the studio. If any of the photo props or clothes will be damaged, customer will have to pay for the reparation or rebuy a new equipment. 


  1. Data processing


26. In order to improve the course and finalization of the photographic order, the customer should provide the Photographer with his email address and telephone number. In the case of sending photos, also the correspondence address. Personal data received is not used by the Photographer for marketing purposes and is not exchanged with anyone.


27. The data is not passed on to anyone else. By providing your data you agree to their processing as part of these services.


28. The administrator of the CUSTOMER's personal data is the company De Cecco Visual Arts with headquarters in Onex Geneva, e-mail and Photographer never sells your data or I exchange it for marketing purposes with other entities. The data provided to external entities are used only to provide the Customer with the Photographer's services, for tax purposes and communicating the new special offers of the service. CUSTOMER's personal data will be stored for a period of 30 days to 10 years,or  until using the marketing opportunities and analyzing the data needed to run a business.


29. The customer may voluntarily consent to the processing of his personal data, including the use of his image recorded on the photographs taken for marketing and promotional purposes of De Cecco Visual Arts pages (the service provider) by publishing them on the website (, for via social networking sites such as facebook (Fotolandia Geneva), instagram (anna de cecco photography) and in galleries and exhibitions, use in the printed portfolio (photos, photobooks, photo albums, photo paintings, leaflets, business cards, banners, etc.) and made available to clients and potential customers , and the transfer of personal data in the form of an image to external service providers with whom the service provider cooperates within the activities it conducts.


30. The customer has the right to be "forgotten" at any time, thus requesting the removal of personal data including his image from a particular field or completely from all to which he has agreed.


31. The customer is obliged to familiarize himself with the photographer's portfolio, his style of processing and work. The client cannot expect the photographer to perform a work that is incompatible with his sense of aesthetics or that is incompatible with the photographer's characteristic style, including color, contrast and framing.


38. A customer agreeing to share photos to the photographer's portfolio agrees to publish photos on Facebook and Instagram. In the absence of the client's consent to the publication of photos on which of the above-mentioned places of publication the portfolio of the photographer asks for specifications.


Pictures in the portfolio are not marked or signed with the name of clients.


Customer pictures provided in the portfolio can be slightly modified (versus the picture sent to customer) to fit the style of entire portfolio.


Photographer never show the entire session (unless the customer wants it), only selected photos. For Photographer, consent to publications is extremely important, because it is the only way to be able to promote his work. 


  1. Materials and props


32. Products and materials used for decorations of your sessions are of your choice. Clint can decide what to use for himself and the members of the family / partners / friends.  


33. All decorations and clothes in the studio are safe according to the best knowledge of the photographer. Due to the different origin, variety of materials and manufacture, however, the products are not certified. All potential skin and allergic problems should be reported before the session.


34. Both family and child should treat all materials available in the studio with respect. Children are asked not to play with the decorations without the photographer's permission. Photographer is not responsible for improper use of decorations and related injuries. Any damage should be covered by the customer.


  1. Safety rules

35. Photographer strives to ensure the safety of all participants in a photo session. The safety of children during the photo session depends largely on caregivers. The guardian should help the child use all the decorations safely. The photographer is responsible for taking pictures, hence the help of a guardian over the child's supervision is necessary.


36. There are stairs in the photo studio. The customer should independently take care of his safety and also help children safely use the stairs.


37. The places chosen by the client for outdoor sessions should be safe both for the client, the photographer and all members of the photo session. Photographer is not responsible for accidents related to the incorrect use of street furniture and any external objects.


My work is also my passion, which is a great bonus for you, because you can be sure that I will give her all my heart and commitment. All clients are equally important to me, thanks to you I can develop and create beautiful staff. Every moment spent with you is an onor for me.

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