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Getting to Know Your Camera

Discover a whole NEW WORLD of photography. Give yourself a chance to get a total control of your camera. 
I provide private One to One tuition for beginners. During those classes you will learn all you need to know about  sami-manual and manual programs of you CANON or NIKON camera and RAW files.


Choose One to One tuition over a group course and receive 100% of the tutors attention. I will individually tailor the content of each session and it will be delivered to you at a pace that suits your current level and prior knowledge. I recommend 4h of lessons.


LEVEL:  beginner, amateur

COST:  100 euro



Photoshop, Lightroom & CameraRaw

One to one workshop that will not only take you through the basic principles of this powerful softwares, but it will also empower you with professional image editing techniques that will make your pictures stand out. Cours will be adapted to any student knowledge level, from beginner too advanced.

DURATION:  2h, 3h, 4h, 6h

LEVEL:  beginner, amateur

COST:  100euro / 1h


Photo Studio Lights

Studio lighting

Learn a few different techniques of studio lighting during an organized photo session (them of your choice). This course will show you that a simple light manipulation can make or break an image. This course is designed to guide you through the variety and best practice of studio lighting. Studying with me in my studio environment you will learn how to work with models by using different lighting settings, modifiers, colourful backgrounds and props.  

Our goal is to equip you with the technical tools to add another layer of creativity to your portraits and build your portfolio. 


LEVEL:  beginner, amateur

COST:  499euro


studio fotolandia Geneva Geneve

Newborn photography

 This is an advance, one full day of course for photographers. We will cover all the aspects of newborn photography: 

- handle infants safely,

- setting up the studio before the session,

- basic and advanced portrait poses including siblings and parents.

- set up a home studio in a short time frame

- easy techniques to get the baby sleeping,

- easy posing of not sleeping babies,

- creative newborn photography;​

- photo editing, including precessional face retouching,  

- marketing strategies for advertising,


LEVEL:  advanced

COST:  1199euro

+my PS retouching action

Fotolandia fine art photographer geneva.

Creative children portraits & Fine Art

Create an outstanding children portraits in Fine Art or classic style.

This is an advance, 4h course for photographers. This class will include a full studio photo session with 2 models of different age. We will learn how to effectively use different lighting settings for a creative portrait and Fine Art. You will also find out how to introduce props and decorations to our composition.

During the second part of the training we will be developing the RAW files in Camera Raw and add the final edit in Photoshop. 

For advanced photographers we can study PS compositing instead of skin retouch. 


LEVEL:  advanced

COST:  699euro

+my PS retouching action

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