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How to prepare for newborn photo session in Studio?

A few tips for parents with useful suggestions and answering to all your questions.

1. Schedule your photo shoot in the first two week after the birth.

Your baby will be very sleepy for the first couple of weeks. Few days old newborns are incredibly flexible and they don’t mind being transition from pose to another. After 14 days, things change. They are not as flexible, are very alert and are harder to settle down. This is also the time when most of babies can suffer from colic or baby acne.

Call me while you are at the hospital and I will make sure to book you to your best time preference.

2. How to prepare your baby?

Apply a few times a baby cream for dry skin.

Protect the belly button as instructed in the hospital.

Dress your baby in easy to take off clothes at the day of the session.

3. What to bring for your session?

Ensure to have enough food for your baby, considering the fact that sometimes newborns need to have a drop more than usual.

Pacifier, even if your baby doesn’t use one. It can be handy.

Food for yourself, in case you are coming for longer session.

Clothes for yourself. During our session you will be able to choose a dress from my collection. But I generally suggest that parents wear neutral colours such as cream, off-white, light beige, or soft grey. Black, simple T-shirts can be also very useful!

4. Involve siblings in the photo shoot.

This unique moment is worth to capture with all the members of your family. You can come with up to 5 people. Please remember to take some toys and snacks for your elder child. Your newborn and sibling photos will be the most adorable photos in the whole collection.

5. You can nurse your child during the session.

Try to feed your baby just before the session, so he/she is not hungry when we begin, after - you will be able to feed the baby in my studio too.

That way things will move along more smoothly.

6. Safety and comfort is my priority number one.

Safety and comfort of your baby is the most important part during our photo shoot. The props that I am going to use are crafted by experts of newborn and children props. I am extremely careful when it comes to your little angels.



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