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SMASH CAKE PHOTOSHOOT # Birthday photo session for your lovely child! Let's have some fun!

All you want to know about the Cake Smash session To start with, I tell you that is is just so much fun! I create a fun environment for your child, with your favourite style of decorations, available in the studio. All that to create some memorable and unique photos. Children love to make a mess and play with food. I make sure they smile and enjoy the session :) CAKE As it is a birthday celebration, cake plays an important role in the game. You can bring any cake you wish - made by yourself or bought in bakery :) Just make sure that the size is easy enought to cary it with you and that it is not too small (we want the session to last some time). I suggest bringing cakes without artificial colorants. Beware that the chocolate, as well as red-colored icing, can look little unsightly or even blood like (red icing) when smeared over baby’s skin and surroundings. Are you not a fun of real cake? Don't worry! FRUIT SPLASH - it is an alternative options. You can bring a plate with many tasty pieces of sezonal fruits. ARTIFICAL CAKE - you can also use some of my artificial cakes if you don't like your child to get dirty. How the session looks like? BEFORE THE CAKE We start off with some non-messy portraits to capture some portraits of your birthday boy or girl before we SMASH :) This step helps the baby to get familiar with the new environment. THE SMASH Then we bring out the cake, fruits or props. And we start to play! When they get bored we bring out the weapon (the wooden spoon) to bring some further interaction. We can also hide some tiny snacks in the cake, to get the little fingers to really explore it. SHOWER TIME After all action we move onto a cleanup part. There is a shower where we can gently wash your child with your personal products. DECIDE YOUR THEME At first, we will plan together the theme, colors, decorations and clothes for the day. I do offer a range of different props for both girls and boys. You are also more than welcome to bring along some special items, like personalized t-shirts and tops with child name or anything that you would love to use. There are also options for some extra decorations, example: balloons, paper flowers and other decorations to be used in the setup with an extra cost. BIRTHDAY CARD AND BIRTHDAY INVITATIONS are optional. I can create your birthday card free of charge for the sessions lasting 60 mins or longer. Your birthday invitation can be personalized and printed with several copies - your guests will love them! SAFETY IS MY PRIORITY Sessions are recommended for children age from 10 months till 4 years. Make sure your baby is not allergic to the cake you are going to bring. DON'T THINK TWICE ! Let's have fun together :)


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